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Standards Based Grading

Why has Steilacoom High School adopted a standards-based grading (SBG) system?

Reason 1 - To clearly communicate how a student is performing on our state's learning standards.

Reason 2 - To reinforce the importance of academic perseverance with all our learners. 

Reason 3 To ensure equity in the way that we impose assessments and grades. 

We are always happy to share or clarify however we can! Your questions can be directed to the SHS Admin Team.

Helpful Resources


Our assessment protocols provide guidance for teachers as they design assessments.
"It is important that policies define SBG...and outline the kinds of grading practices that are expected" (Welsh, 2019). 

Studies show standards-based teaching practices correlate to higher academic achievement (Townsley & Buckmiller, 2016).
Therefore, it is critical that teachers also link assessments and reporting to the standards.