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Connection to ECI

At the direction of Superintendent Dr. Kathi Weight, and in response to feedback from our school community, our district has created an enriched core instruction process to review and guide our district's standards-based system. This philosophy continues the school district’s strategic focus, specifically, our commitment to increase academic rigor and partner across schools to transition students effectively.

Our standards-based grading and reporting system is shaped through building-level work and is led by the school's administration. We often revisit the key principles of our practices to ensure that our decisions are grounded in research. Additionally, we strive to utilize multiple communication strategies to help ensure that our stakeholders understand what our students are being taught and how they are being evaluated on that essential content.

Our goal is to ensure that our grading systems are clear and consistent in all our buildings in an effort to provide the best education for every student in the Steilacoom Historical School District.