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Reassessment Policy

Grades at Steilacoom High School are based on the state and national standards for each course and grade level. We also include work-place skills like timeliness and teamwork in the construction of a grade. A student's grades are an average of their demonstrated performance on these essential course standards. 

We want students to do their best all the time. However, sometimes the process of learning takes longer than teachers anticipate. When a student's authentic attempt at demonstrating proficiency falls short, our teachers will allow students at least one opportunity to reassess their learning on that standard after receiving feedback and guidance. The new grade will then replace the previous grade. 

Students earn the right to reassess on a standard by demonstrating that they are well prepared to do better on the next attempt. It is possible that subsequent attempts at assessment may not take the same shape/form/length as the original assessment. Students will likely be asked to complete missing work, and/or receive additional instruction from their teacher in order to qualify for reassessment.   

Please note, at the end of the semester there may not be an opportunity to reassess before grades are submitted, so students should take care to consider their academic status well before their finals. Consulting a teacher's syllabus is the best way to track which standards will be taught throughout the entirety of the course.