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Financial Aid


Types of Financial Aid

GRANTS - Financial aid that is typically based on need and does not typically have to be repaid

SCHOLARSHIPS - Free money that is based on academic, financial need, athletics, talent, and or additional achievements to help pay for school.

WORK-STUDY - A way to earn money to help you pay for school

LOANS - Funds that you borrow to pay for college or tech school. These funds and the interest they accrue must be repaid.

Financial aid can come from several sources: Federal: This is from the US Department of Education and can be used at most colleges in the US. They have to be able to receive financial aid. Students can take to another state. State: For example, Washington state financial aid is for residents to attend colleges in WA. They do not necessarily have to be public colleges, but they have to be able to receive state financial aid. There are currently over 60. College: Every college will have their own scholarships, etc that they offer to students who are going to their school. Organizations: These tend to be scholarships (organizations) or private loans (banks).   

I've been accepted to college and I have amazing financial offers. What's next? Choosing the next step in your future can be overwhelming.  Take a moment to watch the video below. It includes a few great tools that will help finalize your choices.