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Steilly Way Cards

Steilly Way cards are our incentive program for 9th graders. Doing the right thing matters! So, when staff members see freshmen being attentive, kind, diligent, respectful, or demonstrating any other behaviors we want Sentinels to have, they will give out Steilly Way cards to those students. Students deposit those cards in a box in the main office and each week on Steilly Way Wednesday we draw three winners at random. 

Weekly Steilly Way winners may select one prize from the list below...

  • A free drink from the student store. 
  • Permission to have food delivered to campus for lunch. 
  • A Sentinels rally towel. 

At the end of each semester, the three students who have deposited the most Steilly Way cards will select one of the grand prizes as a token of appreciation from our staff...

  • Your choice of Steilly gear from the Sentinels team store. 
  • A Homecoming or Prom ticket voucher. 
  • A yearbook voucher. 
  • Donuts delivered to a class of your choice. 
  • Pizza delivered for you and five friends at lunch.